Mesh Set Office Chairs

01 Milord Headrest Plastics PF-0021
02 Milord Outer and Inner Backstick Plastics PF-0025
03 Milord Back Connection Plastic PA-0015
04 Manager Seat Foam SB-0114
05 Manager Seat  Inner Plastic  PG-0042
06 Manager Seat Outer Plastic PG-0043
07 Milord Connection Metal  
08 Multi Control Tilt Synchron Mechanism M-321
09 Black Gas MA-0049
10 Pyramid Star Base Plastic PA-0020
11 Black Caster PA-0007
12R-L Penta Arm Plastics PK-0045
13R-L Lavi Arm Plastics PK-0053
14R-L Wenge Arm Plastics PK-0048
15 Chromed Gas MA-0048
16 Conical Chromed Star Base MA-0003
17 Z Base With Tail(Chromed) MA-0023
  Z Base With Tail(Black) MA-0022