Quality and Environmental Policy

With the experience that we have in this sector, high knowledge pool, experienced and qualified workforce, being one of the leading organizations on " Office Furniture Manifacturing ", our company which aims the continuity of our position's model and competitive nature, adopts the indispensable elements that are listed below:

To provide quality products that meet the demands and expectations of our customers and sustaining our customer satisfaction by providing pre-sale and post-sale support,

To ensure the continuity and compliance of our products with customer demands, national and international standards and legal regulations,

To increase personnel satisfaction and competencies for sustainable workforce,

While sustaining our activities, to protect the environment and contributing to the sustainable environment by reducing natural resource consumption,

To carry out all the work in the first time and every time by ensuring the participation of all our employees,

To prepare an honest, tolerant, respectful and devoted working environment in a team spirit of our employees for continuous training, development and improvement,

Stating the confidentiality of customer and personnel information to all employees and conducting activities to protect the confidentiality principle

To minimize weaknesses and threats with infrastructure, work environment, hardware, software and training investments,

To ensure the sustainability of our achievements within the framework of our company policy, to aim it moving to higher levels and to ensure that our employees see the development of our brand awareness as a mutual and main goal.