About Us

Komposan Office Parts Industry and Trade Limited Company has been supplying all kinds of seat parts to office, office, cafe, restaurant, hotel and home furniture sector for more than 30 years.

Komposan has been located two work area one of is Sales and administration center Ikitelli biksan industrial site in Başakşehir,and the second one production facilities located in Silivri Selimpaşa so continues to serve with 200 personnel and  20,000 m2 closed factory area.

Komposan, which hosts and maintains many sectoral differences encountered in seat production, has made its main mission to continue its production that gives quality and confidence to its customers in all of the activities detailed below.

In the field where the chemical industry serves to the furniture sector with polyurethane raw materials   The comfortable foams we produce are manufactured with high pressure injection systems and have long life and technical specifications that can meet the physical and mechanical data stipulated in the world standards, also their rigidities and flexibilities can be adjusted to meet the demands of our customers. Foams can be reinforced with metal constructions, springs, wooden frames or any kind of fasteners may required by the sector; and can be equipped with parts and features that will facilitate their use in all areas and positions.

The important advantages of polyurethane foams are easy moldability, obtaining the first product at low costs, flexible working ergonomics, supplying the same product for flooring workshops all the time and fast production conditions for more projects with short deadlines; and with the fireproof feature as a result of being in accordance with international conditions are to keep the user safety at the forefront.

In the field where the Metal sector serves to the furniture sector with Pipes, Sheets and Profiles With Metal cutting CNC pipe bending, Craftsman Argon, Gas welding workmanship, Robotic welding, Press Shaping that we have realized with the knowledge and experience that we have gained as a result of our studies for the needs of the sector for many years, and with our corrosion resistant electrostatic powder coating and high temperature firing technologies that we apply to protect all these services, we provide mechanisms, star legs, chassis, table legs, metal carcasses and chair bodies to the furniture sector.

Komposan continues its chromium and other plating workmanships with its Komposan coating company in Galvano technical industrial site which is operating within its own, in order to not compromise the usual quality to its customers in coating technologies.

We contribute to the furniture sector by blending our Lathe, Milling, all kinds of forming and sizing experience with Beech Wood, MDF, Chipboard and many other forest products and by producing chair legs, table legs and foam inner wooden carriers.

Our company which continues it's activities in the field where plastic industry serves the furniture sector with polypropylene polyamide abs ppe ldpe raw materials; manufactures plastic headboard, back, seat, connection and movement mechanisms, ball joints and star legs of meshed office chairs and plastic chairs with high technology robots in injection machines.

As Komposan, by running countless production techniques together with the years of experience and confidence in order to meet the industrial needs of our time, we are proud to make you feel the certainty of corporate order and to provide service to all business partners both in Turkey and abroad with our products that we represent our country in all corners of the world with our sincere and experienced staff.